04 February 2013

Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival

By Eamonn Lavery

The Lift-Off Film Festival is a London based film festival that showcases in four cities through-out the year, London, Liverpool, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The festival will be hosted at four venues across Liverpool, FACT (25th February), Metal (26th February), Kazimier (27th February) and House (28th February).

The Liverpool Lift-Off Film Festival has been created to showcase unheard talent in the North of England, and let those of Liverpool illustrate their remarkable film making abilities and hopefully take their career aspirations to the next level.

Students and professional film makers have the chance to showcase their work in an unbiased environment, with the chance to win Awards for the highest standards in film making sub sections such as drama, acting, story structure and artistic merit.

Students and independent films are assessed and voted for based on individual merit rather than content that meets specific criteria.

Each and every film that is submitted is entered into the same category and judged simultaneously.

An over budgeted film and glossy production value are not taken into consideration within the Lift-Off film festival, it's all about who can create and deliver a intriguing story.

Following on from the success of the partner festival London Lift-Off, Liverpool aims to be one of the most anticipated of all Liverpool Film Festivals.

The Lift-Off Festival will take place in Liverpool on Monday 25th February, 6pm & 9pm at FACT, 88 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4DQ.

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