08 June 2012

Rare miniature calf born in Liverpool

By Bethan Hockey

Bluebell is the newest addition to Croxteth Home Farm. The little calf is particularly special as she is a rare miniature breed called Dexter. This is the smallest in the UK.

Dexter cattle have a long association with Croxteth Hall as the Earls of Sefton kept them as a ‘decorative’ breed, adding to the scenic Croxteth Park landscape. The farm is nationally recognised for its collection of ‘Rare Breed’ farm animals, forming a kind of living museum of native rare breeds. The best known of these farms is Adam Henson’s, which regularly features on BBC TV’s Countryfile.

Rare Breeds have become scarce as modern farming has specialised on larger breeds, raised to produce beef or milk. The Rare Breeds Survival Trust was formed to conserve these examples of our agricultural history, with Home Farm as one of their larger approved centres.

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