11 February 2013

Martial Arts Festival at Liverpool's World Museum

By Colin Bailey

As part of the celebration of Chinese New Year, World Museum, Liverpool staged a two day Martial Arts Festival over the weekend.

This is part two of our trilogy of reports from the weekends offerings from National Museums, Liverpool.

Organised by Sensei Mike Dunn, from Liverpool Karate-Jutsu, the event drew in 10 groups and schools from around the city, demonstrating various forms of differing disciplines.

With demonstrations and workshops running over the weekend, this was an ideal way for novices to learn more about the differing styles on offer with more seasoned practitioners being able to share and compare techniques and take on new skills.

We visited the successful festival on Sunday and in addition to the more traditional and familiar martial arts of on display, a self defence system new to the UK called Krav Maga was featured.

This is another example of the range and diversity of events on display at The World Museum, open to the public each day from 10am to 5pm with free entry.

Visit www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk for more information about what is on at your local museum.

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