31 May 2013

Worlds first Eeva baby born at Liverpool Womens Hospital thanks to IVF breakthrough

By Tom Dootson

The world's first ever Eeva baby was born this afternoon at the Hewitt Fertility Centre at the Liverpool Women's Hospital thanks to a breakthrough in IVF technology. Mother of one, Ruth Carter delivered a little girl, whose name has not yet been confirmed, after having a Caesarean section by Dr Leanne Bricker. The weight of the newly born baby came in at a mere 5lbs 15 ounces.

The Hewitt Fertility Centre Embryology Laboratories happened to be the very first in Europe to offer this ground-breaking technology and successfully welcome the first Eeva baby to the world.

Eeva has proven to be one of the most modern and innovative advances in reproductive technology and uses time-lapse imaging systems, enabling embryologists to capture a vast amount of information which had not been attainable previously, with regards to the way in which early embryos develop.

Statistics show that a relatively high percentage of people in the UK have extreme difficulty conceiving, and for couples who have been attempting to conceive naturally for more than 3 years, the chances of becoming pregnant the following year are even slimmer. However, for this breakthrough in IVF treatment, the implantation rates are already at over 40% for couples under the age of 35 and the percentage is looking to increase even further due to such ongoing success.

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