07 January 2013

Bay TV Liverpool - our vision for Local TV

By Paul Eeles

Major changes in broadcasting are on the horizon, with the launch of a chain of local TV stations, of a kind never before seen in the UK.

Twenty-one local channels will be launched by the end of 2014, including one that will serve a potential audience of 2.8 million viewers in the city of Liverpool and surrounding areas.

Bay TV Liverpool Ltd is among five bidders for the Liverpool licence which will be awarded by the regulator Ofcom, for a period of 12 years.

Ofcom had originally hoped to name of the successful bidder in December, but due to the significant number of bids nationally and the complexity of the process has been somewhat delayed.

The Liverpool licence and three others are now expected to be among the last to be awarded, in February 2013.

In this video we proclaim our passion to serve Liverpool with a new completely independent station and proclaim an exciting vision of how local TV can contribute to the life of our great city region.

We spell-out how we plan to serve the needs of our viewers and to broaden the range of programmes available, connecting and interacting with viewers other stakeholders in a way never before achieved on TV in the UK.

The Liverpool local channel will appear at Channel 8 on Freeview while spots on Sky and Virgin are yet to be allocated.

But Bay TV Liverpool is also committed to multi-platform delivery.

We have advanced plans to stream our programmes live to computers, tablets and mobile phones with all this content available to "watch again" on demand over the internet, on tablets and mobile phones.

All this will see an opening-up local TV in a way that has never before been possible.

Please take look at this short programme and feel free to let us know what you think.
You can email us at info@baytvliverpool.com

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