14 February 2013

HMS Illustrious 'Lusty' renews her love affair with Liverpool

By Tom Dootson

There is a long standing love-affair between the city of Liverpool and the Royal Navy, perhaps it's fitting that on Valentines Day - HMS Illustrious dock alongside the Cruise Liner Terminal at the Princess Dock.

The last time the huge Helicopter and Commando carrier visted Liverpool was in 2010 for Fly Navy 100, a celebration of 100 years of Naval Aviation.

This time around the visit coincides with the build up to another historic occasion - the Battle of the Atlantic 70th anniversary - in which the Royal Navy is playing its part in a number of commemorative event in May, starting in London, and culminating in the main BOA 70 focus in Liverpool in May 2013.

The Royal Navy's last remaining helicopter carrier made her way to Liverpool Cruise Terminal shortly before 1pm for what could be her final visit before being withdrawn from service.

"Lusty" will be open to the public this weekend before the ship slips on Monday.

HMS Illustrious will be in Liverpool for the weekend and open to the public

Bay TV was given an access all areas tour of HMS Illustrious and while on deck we were treated to a Chinook taking off while a Sea-King came in to land

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