Bay TV Liverpool: "The view from Liverpool and its great City Region"

Local Digital TV Bid

Bay TV Liverpool has landed the coveted licence to broadcast local television on Freeview Channel 8.

The station will go live as soon as possible and the launch date is likely to be in early 2014. We are working hard to make it happen... watch this space for updates!

Bay TV Liverpool will be one of the first wave of 19 stations to go on air, with as many as 24 others to follow as a second phase of licences are issued. We firmly believe the advent of this new nationwide network of local stations signals the start of a viewing revolution.

The absence of local stations has been a huge gap in the TV landscape of the UK, leaving cities like Liverpool at a disadvantage. Following the digital switch-over the government decided that local TV could at last be provided to millions of homes.

Laws were enacted to pave the way for the broadcasting licences - awarded by Ofcom - creating a whole range of fantastic opportunities.

Thrilled and delighted by the challenge, we are determined to see Bay TV Liverpool play a leading part in the revolution and to become an asset that our unique city and region so richly deserves.

Make no mistake, we are deeply passionate in our belief that this is not our station. It is YOUR station. We want Bay TV Liverpool to be the go-to place for people who want information and entertainment, who need to to share news and views. A place the viewers will identify with and come to regard as their natural TV home.

We recognise there is no room for complacency. We take nothing for granted. We realise that in the multi-channel and the video download world, Bay TV Liverpool must work hard to reach viewers and to hold attention and respect.

People ask: "What will you cover?" "What will be in the programmes?"

The answer is: "Just about anything and everything you can imagine". And we want you to use your imagination and share your dreams with us.

News and documentaries, politics, sport, business, leisure, entertainment, the arts, the environment, health, education and community issues. It will all be in the mix.

And we need a two-way engagement with viewers, using all kinds of interaction, including social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Viewers will not only have eyes and ears on the screen, we want them to be the eyes and idea of the station, helping to drive the programme agenda.

We want to end the blinkered vision of TV programmes as a top-down affair, in which broadcasters decided what the public should watch since.

We want YOU to tell us the programmes that you wan to see us make, or take from independent producers. Email and we will get back to you.

But make no mistake, Bay TV Liverpool is a commercial station that will rely on advertising to finance its operations.

And the commercials too form a revolution... this time in advertising. The cost of commercial spots on national channels - even in regional opt-outs - has always been prohibitive.

Bay TV Liverpool will change that. Putting TV advertising within the reach of SMEs is a vital element of our mission.

A vast range of marketing channels, including programme sponsorship and long-form advertising, will be available. Our round-the-clock output means there will be a range of openings to fit the budget of even the smallest businesses.

Can't imagine a local butcher's shop or bakery advertising on UK television? On Bay TV Liverpool there is no reason why that cannot happen.

Alongside the commercial nature of the station we believe it's vital to invest, and to draw on, the cultural capital of Liverpool and the City Region.

Anyone can set-out to produce programme content for Bay TV Liverpool, naturally providing the programmes reach the standards we will set for the content quality and Broadcasting Code set by Ofcom.

We are opening-up our schedule to film-makers, businesses, individuals, community organisations etc. We already offer access to our web site for viewer-generated content and on Channel 8 we intend to continue that theme with a host of programmes made in collaboration with individuals and stake-holders of all kinds.

The Liverpool City Region has a wealth of talented and experienced independent producers with whom we want to work to identify topics which would benefit from coverage along with new thinking about programme styles and formats.

In community outreach schemes, our TV crews will also be made available to work alongside and mentor those who have great ideas but lack the technical know-how and equipment to make television programmes.

Bay TV Liverpool is already making its name as the go-to place to find out what’s going on and when we launch on Channel 8 we believe that the station can become vital, independent voice for the city that will proudly proclaim the view from Liverpool and the voice of the people in the vibrant and unique Liverpool City Region.

We hope you well agree that this is a goal worth aiming for and will help us make Bay TV Liverpool "The view from Liverpool and its great City Region".