About Bay TV Liverpool

Bay TV Liverpool is an internet protocol television station (IPTV) that launched in November 2011.

Operated by a completely independent company, based in the city, Bay TV Liverpool delivers a constantly-expanding menu of programmes and commercial content to an audience hungry for truly relevant local content.

We use specially developed software and our own video player to bring a wide range of programmes and commercial content to viewers in the Liverpool City Region and beyond. Most of our content is delivered as Video on Demand but we are also developing the capacity to stream programmes live.

The City Region is home to more than 2.5m consumers and with more than 80% of homes nationwide now equipped with a broadband-enabled computer access, IPTV has arrived and makes it a powerful communication tool.

Not only is television viewing via the web an exciting and dynamic environment, the the web has also become the fastest-growing advertising medium, having overtaken print media and broadcast television as the market of choice for many advertisers.

We offer a range of options for advertisers, including in-programme commercials, content sponsor partnerships, infomercials, and display advertising on the site. Find out more about advertising on Bay TV Liverpool

We are proud to be local and committed to reflecting the growth and development of the city, the region and its people and our mission statement is: To bring 'The view from Liverpool' to the city, the region and the world.

Liverpool is a unique place and its a real plus that with the arrival of IPTV that the city can now have a range of stations to reflect its rich talents and diversity.

We set great store by our key partnerships with universities and colleges, offering a platform for them to air material and a place for students to gain real-world work experience.

We make our own TV programmes and features but we also carry all kinds of material from third-parties and archives.

All our programmes have an option for comments, but beyond that we invite viewers to upload their own content. Millions of people have a top class video camera in their pockets these days - on their mobile phones - so it is easy for almost anyone to get involved. Register here and be ready to start uploading your videos in a matter of moments.

Bay TV Liverpool is a partner in a consortium, led by Liverpool technology company AIMES Grid Services and the government’s Technology Strategy Board. The Digital Inclusion Sustainability Enterprise (DISE) Project is designed to bring internet connectivity to areas where take-up is low - including many parts of the Liverpool region where 25% of the population do not have broadband.

Other Promoters and Associates of BTVL include:

Professor Denis Kehoe – Liverpool University, AIMES Grid Services.

Simon Ellis-Jones – formerly of Channel One Liverpool, ITN and Sky TV.

Simon Malia – formerly of Granada and Manchester Utd TV.

Jeff Pickett – of ISNTV, the Merseyside-based Independent TV sports company.

Paul Eeles/David Clough - Pure Multimedia, supplying web and IT services.